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I’m confused about our QB situation

Welcome Big12 Fans and Foes Forums Utah Utes Sports Football I’m confused about our QB situation

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      Utah QBs

      The link above is an article that discusses our QB situation. We all expect Rising to be healthy, and he will obviously be QB1.

      What about QB2? We know how important this can be after 2023. This article and a number of interviews suggest that Isaac Wilson is in the mix to be QB2 this fall. BUT – what about Wilson’s surgery? If he had the surgery in April – he would not likely be ready to play by August. So, what is the whole story? I suppose Wilson could play this season and have the surgery next January. He played most of the 2023 season, knowing that he needed surgery someday.

      One interesting tidbit from this article – Zach attended practice. Are we sure that Zach is not a BYU spy? 🙂

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      Probably checking to see if any players moms were in attendance that day to watch the practice.

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      Yes, my understanding is that his doctor has recommended having the surgery. But he could consider waiting until after the season if he ends up becoming QB2. As already mentioned, he played just fine on his leg throughout his whole senior year in high school winning the state championship. So it sounds like he’s fine to play on it “as is” but should plan to get it done.

      It is concerning to me that we’re being told Rose and Wilson are neck and neck for QB2. I would expect Rose to be way ahead of Wilson at this point given this is his 3rd year in the program. If he’s really neck and neck with an incoming freshman then that suggests to me that Rose’s days as a Ute are likely numbered.

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        Speaking of cougars…

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        Whit’s defaults on any QB race, “Dead heat”, “neck and neck” and “too close to call.”

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      A lot of people have been saying this for awhile. Apparently Bottari is ready as well. I think Whitt is fine with that situation.

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      The post spring transfer portal for football opens May 1st and runs for 15 days.

      Whit and Lud will wait and see what QBs hit the portal after their spring practices conclude.

      If Wilson is named QB2 Rose will probably transfer and you can’t play next season with a true freshman QB with a bad knee as your backup. Utah would probably look in the portal for a more experienced QB.

      If Rose and Wilson are both underwhelming this spring Utah probably goes looking for a QB in the portal.

      If Rose sets up and takes the #2 spot that allows Wilson to redshirt and Utah will most likely stand pat at the QB position

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        My guess is that Ludwig will not make a decision on QB2 until August. The official word will be something like, “Wilson and Rose both looked good in the Spring and are neck and neck.”

        By doing this, they will not lose Rose to the portal. Also, a donor may become available for Wilson at any moment, and Isaac will likely get the surgery if that happens.

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          Think you’re exactly right Proud. No reason to name a QB2 right now – especially if it’s Wilson, as Rose would inevitably hit the portal…

          Also, I thought I remember OnlyU mentioning plans to bring in a transfer QB after spring? Maybe I’m making that up. Either way, I’d hope Wilson gets his surgery sooner than later so he can be completely ready for 2025.

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            Last thing we need is another barns situation. We need a solid 2 and 2a. No miscalculations this season

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        Ute Dub

        Cam’s not coming back next year?

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        I think Utah will be shopping the portal for a QB regardless.

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