I’m feeling especially grateful today…

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      St George Ute
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      I’m so very grateful for the Utah athletics program for the distraction it gives me from every day life, especially when life gets hard, knocks you down, and kicks you in the groin (which it tends to do from time to time).

      I’m grateful for the opportunity to watch my alma mater play each week, regardless of outcome, but not only play, play in the PAC12, one of the best conferences in the nation.

      I’m grateful for the coaches and all the time and sacrifice they make (especially the time they spend away from family, because that’s hard), to recruit, teach, and prepare the team week in and week out.

      I’m especially grateful for the players, most of whom leave their families and homes, to come to Utah to work hard every day to improve and prepare for the next game, and the next, and so on.

      I’m grateful for the fans, for their love of the team, and for all the support they give, win or lose.

      I’m grateful for the message boards, for all the work Tony has put in to make this an awesome place to come and talk about one of the things we love most in life.

      I’m grateful that my wife puts up with me and my fanaticism for everything Utes. I’m also grateful that she stood by me while I worked full time and went to school for both my bachelors and masters, all while she raised our kids home alone.

      I’m grateful that my kids are growing up Utah fans and have the desire to attend the U when their time comes.

      Last of all, I’m very grateful to be a two time alumnus and forever fan of the great University of Utah.

      GO UTES!!!

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      Ute Fan

      “We’ll now close this fast and testimony meeting by singing hymn number 383 ‘The Humpty Dance’, after which our closing prayer will be offered by St. George Ute.”


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        St George Ute
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        Amen! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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      You’re a good man, RB. I’m grateful for all of those things too (except the wife thing as you know – but Girlfriend of Leftyjace is pretty awesome). Hugs, my friend. Miss your face. Need to get down there and visit soon. I’m guest lecturing at SUU on November 17th – maybe we can figure something out.

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        St George Ute
        Ute Fan

        Thanks Lefty! You’re a great friend, and I’m grateful to have been able to go through the EMBA program with you. And Girlfriend of Lefty is definitely awesome. You’re a lucky guy and she’s blessed to have you too.

        For sure, give me a ring when you come down. I’d love to see ya! We’ll do lunch or dinner or something.

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      I seriously wished all of us, everywhere, took the time to really consider how lucky we are and how well off we are.  Even though that are the poorest amoung us have it very good.  

      Thanks for posting that!

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      Grateful to spend some quality time at the football games with my dad (who took me to my first Ute hoops game the first year the Hunty opened).  He’s getting on in years and I value the time we can still spend together in his remaining time left on this planet.

      Also grateful for a loving wife who doesn’t have the desire or health to go the games, but insists on letting me go to be with my father.

      I’m grateful to watch my Utes, especially when they win, but when they lose, I remember those other parts of my life to help keep things in perspective.








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