its so wild that byu fans are throwing a possible game against Alabama

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      in our face like its some sort of win? The absolute unmitigated desperation man…. i mean wow. 

      a virus sweeps the nation causing a scheduling fallout and they might have an absolute asskicking fall into their laps and they tout it on some RAH RAH s**t. If any other fanbase saw they were doing that they would be laughing. I guess they didnt see what fans on r/cfb had to say about it. I get being excited about the game but there is a line where it becomes embarrassing, and they rocketed past that line within an hour especially in their response…to us? Its either a major sign of mental illness or immaturity. Im not sure which. 

      the “neener neener we traded you for Alabama” stuff is equally hilarious.

      1) its pure hipocrisy to how they reacted when we dropped them for Michigan

      2) WE ARE GLAD WE ARENT PLAYING YOU. THIS IS GREAT. Enjoy tuscaloosa. Its really a great get. Congrats. But you are going to find out just how far away you really are from the top of the sport that night. Its going to be demoralizing. Enjoy it now

      i cant do it with them anymore man. Its way past a fun rivalry. It just sucks and is a pain in the ass year round. The game is usually fun but we have plenty of excitement elsewhere on the schedule to fill that cup for me. Wasnt always the case but now it is.

      It took me a while to get to this place but im really done. Cut them off and hand them over the Utah State. They are ready for each other and byu hasnt provided any value to us whatsoever in a decade

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      Ute Fan

      Don’t care.

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      Ute Fan

      The game isn’t going to happen but I hope they sign it up so their fans can claim a 2-0 record against Utah and Bama in week one. Silly people.

      want Bama

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        I truly love this vid capture. You make my dreams more full each and every day, Duhwayne.

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        lol… look at that powder white arms on that zoob.

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      I’m excited for them. This will be a fun one to follow on the ticker.

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      Ute Fan

      At least the lawsuit talk against Utah, the Pac12, and the Big Ten has subsided.  I would like to think the upcoming thrashing at the hands of Alabama will humble them but probably not.

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