Javelin Guidry’s significance to Utah athletics?

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      McBride of Frankenstein
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      So Guidry with little time for training logs the sixth or 7th fastest time in the world over 60 meters!  The Olympics are next year in the Summer.  This will be an interesting and hopefully positive thing for Utah athletics and Guidry himself after next football season.  The timing of the US trials will be important for him.  COuld be disruptive to Utah football potentially, but the upside is also there for exposure.  I wish him the best!

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      Ute Fan

      This is awesome. I am happy for him, and hope he can achieve his athletic goals, whatever they might be. If that means we lose him halfway through the season or whatever, that’s fine by me, and I’m sure coach Whitt would encourage him to take a shot at the olympics if that is what he wants.


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