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      Ute Fan

      The pain of being a jazz fan is immeasurable. 


      September can’t come fast enough

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      Ute Fan

      Thinking the same thing, at least the Utes are trying to repeat!

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      Larry B
      Ute Fan

      Out of curiosity, what did you expect from the Jazz this season? I feel like Jazz fans should be happy any time the Jazz keep the first round competitive, and ecstatic when they get to the second round. They have had a second round ceiling ever since Stockton and Malone. This year wasn’t magically going to be any different.

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        Ute Fan

        Agreed. I’m not a Jazz fan, but I have observed and studied many of them in their natural habitat and I’ve found that Jazz fans tend to buy into the local media hype more than most other fanbases. Their expectations are easily built up every time some local media hack writes a “here’s why this is the year the Jazz win it all” piece.

        I know we all hate Knicks fans, but Jazz fans could stand to be a little more pessimistic like Knicks fans are.

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          Ute Fan

          I am in Indy and Pacers/Colts fans are much the same. Basically, it is in the local media’s best interest to drive optimism and expectations sky high and they know how to do it. The team wins and they can ride the bandwagon coverage train, the team loses and they have fodder for the failing underachieving storyline. I really dont think Jazz fans are much different than most fan bases.

          Now Purdue fans… thats a fanbase that expects nothing but defeat at every turn and seems to revel in it. 


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        Ute Fan

        They had the best record in the NBA last year and if Donovan and Conley don’t get hurt they had a legitimate shot.  On paper leading into this season they had an even deeper bench.  Thus, it is a completely dissapointing regular season and playoffs on top of that.


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          D T
          Ute Fan

          The team w/the second best record last year was the better team, obviously.

          The jazz haven’t been a playoff threat in many, many years, so I’m honestly surprised you’d expect them to actually contend once the bright lights come on…..They remind me of the zoobs come Tourney-time.

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