Kuithe interview notes ESPN700

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      Ute Fan

      Happy with progression of team.  The full playbook has been installed.  He feels like they are ahead of schedule compared to previous years.

      Oline looked good in the scrimmage.

      Money Parks looks good.  Has been learning from the vets.

      Diabate is strong and quick.  Kuithe thinks he will be great player.

      Paul Maile has stepped up.

      Thomas Yasmin has progressed a lot, and things are starting to click for him.

      He says he will be used in some new ways this year.  Didn’t give specifics.  He said he is happy to do anything, including blocking.

      Kuithe has practiced punt returns.  He volunteered but isn’t sure he will be given a chance.

      He might play some special teams because it is so important.

      JJ and Barnes did a great job in the scrimmage Saturday.  Both are very competitive guys.  Barnes is always ready and prepared to play.

      He says that he has done very little with the other two QBs, implying that Johnson is not really in the mix to play this season.

      >He said he is trying to enjoy the moment because he can’t come back AGAIN.  He wouldn’t change his experiences (bad or good) for anything.

      He is excited to see what the 2022 team can do.

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      Larry B
      Ute Fan

      Thanks for posting. I’m excited to see how they plan on using Kuithe. He’s so versatile and talented that I think they’re going to be creative to get him the ball. However, I do NOT want to see him returning kicks. Some hits that Covey took made me cringe. Kuithe is too important to the offense to risk him getting blind sided on a return.

      I think Diabate is going to be a beast. He won’t be Lloyd good but I don’t think it’s going to be a drastic drop off.

      The season can’t come fast enough! 

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      Ute Fan

      Thanks for posting these summaries, Proud.  You da man!

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      I removed all the junk html from the post. Please try to post only text and not html. Thanks!

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