Lady Utes beat BYU 14-0 which ends after 6 inning.

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      Ute Fan

      Okay, just need 2 of the next 3 and our Lady Utes are heading to Oklahoma City for the Women’s College World series for a double elimination finals.

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      I am not a softball fan, is winning by 2 touchdowns considered good?

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        Ute Fan

        I’ll give you a few similar games, however they called this one early.

        1st Qtr of the Vegas bowl Utah up 35-0. Imagine if they’d stopped the game…

        54-10, imagine if they’d stopped they game after BYU didn’t score and Utah had 54 points.

        I know you’re probably kidding, but most people thought it would be a one or two run game. Utah was #11 and BYU-P was ranked #21.

        This Utah team has a pretty incredible resume, took the Series with Arizona, who is #2 winning two of the three games. They’ve defeated several SEC teams, what is it with the SEC bias? Not to rain on everyone’s parade but teams which didn’t even make the SEC tournament made the regionals. My co-worker who played softball at Utah State told me that, and I believe her. She played at USU, her sister played at CSU. She knows NCAA softball.

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      It appears Washington, #5 seed, is most likely our foe in the Super Regional. Of the 8 P12 teams, 6 are on the same side of the bracket.


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