Maybe we are finally becoming a true Pac12 team

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      Seems like our PAC brethren would always lose to out of conference teams, oftwn ones they were heavily facored over, then find a way to make the rest of rhe leafue look bad by winning a bunch of conference games. Hoping this game is an inflection point. I am not holding my breath, but I will still be here cheering the Utes on, win or lose, and hoping for a turnaround.

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      I think there are reasons to be cautiously optimistic that we can be that team…

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      We have also lost the last two meaningless bowl games against lesser opponents.  What’s next, we beat WSU, USC.., after losing to two teams we on papaer should have dominated.  I am looking forward to being wrong for a change.       So now we must win the PAC 12 championship to prove we can win the ones that really count? Total failure in my brain at this moment! I always enjoyed beating up on big brother, but now that we are big brother we must let little brother win. OKAY, I’LL BITE. GO UTES!

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