Must read: Dorell's letter to Delon

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      Outstanding! Thanks for posting. That was some outstanding advice from brother to brother.

      Still, from all I know about Delon, he would have already been able to do the right things without the advice. Having been a four-year college player, he’s already smarter and more mature than most NBA rookies. I can’t wait to see him succeed in Toronto!

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      Like K3 says: we don’t recruit turds. Turds usually don’t have turd families. I really liked this. I hope Delon does really well. Thanks for sharing.

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      That’s AWESOME! This just makes me respect Delon even more to know he’s gonna be carrying on a great heritage in class-act players.

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      Just read the letter. Darn near cried. Wish I had a big brother like that.

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      I ran into Delon at LAX while boarding my flight to attend the Michigan @ Utah game. He was right behind me in boarding and was carrying a fancy boom box, a basketball and wearing some very fancy basketball sneakers from his sponsor. I chatted with him and then pulled up a photo on my iPhone from the Duke game, you know the foul they called on him in the first half that was really a jump ball. I had saved that because I had sent it to a friend who’s a Maryland Alum and an avowed Duke hater. Maryland alums hate Duke on a level that Utah alums hate BYU. Delon’s reaction was “oh man that was bad call, but I got to move on.” Very cool kid. Utah was very fortunate to have him and his contribution to rebuilding the Utah Basketball Program has been huge.

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      Nice WSC. I met Delon too. Very mellow and not an attitude. Nice guy.


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