My private message to Tony that I decided to make public

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      I just saw this on the pick’em site. Thank you, I appreciate the mention. I appreciate more all the time and effort you are putting into not only the pick’em but the entire site. It looks like it’s really taking off! All day long I watch the number of users increase along with the number of pick’em participants.

      Thank you,

      About Pac-12 Pick Em
      Thanks to the suggestion of 89ute Pac-12 Pick Em came about at the beginning of the 2016 college football season. The purpose is to provide a fun and interactive game for the benefiit of Ute Hub members.

      When I think of more eloquent stuff to put here, I will.

      Tony, your host…

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      Seriously though this site is great and Tony is the best.

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      Thanks very much @89ute

      I know a great idea when I see one and the pick em game has really helped energize the beginning of the season. It has helped to generate more discussion, more members and more fun. So hats off to you for the great idea. I’ve had fun obsessively creating the system.

      I love making this place the best Ute fan site there is, and I’m happy to see it growing.


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