My top ten reasons for the Utah-CU game.

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      Ute Fan

      Sorry i’ll be splitting them into 5 reasons we win and 5 reasons we lose.

      5 reasons we lose
      1. Sefo Liufao is a Sr. tough to beat a Sr with this much starting experience
      2. Trick plays, Colorado seemed to know how to set up plays and that wide open TD for Oregon shows we’re susceptible
      3. Phillip Lindsay, he has over 1000 yards and also 361 yards receiving, wish we used our RBs as receivers more
      4. Coaching – I think MacIntyre is going to outcoach KW
      5. Home game and Sr. Day – I think it’s going to be loud, and I’ll be there

      5 reasons we win
      1. Ball control, if we feed Joe the rock we win
      2. KW has to have learned some lesson from our three losses, don’t score too early and Jiminy Christmas foul the freaking receiver with two seconds left when he’s in the endzone
      3. DLine, I think our DLine is going to get lots of pressure, and stay in their lanes
      4. Marcus Williams and Chase Hansen, I think they get three picks between the two of them
      5. No pressure and we’re the underdogs, KW has not proven he can win when the favorite, but he certainly loves the underdog role

      I think we win this game if we can contain Liufao on the scrambles, he was a bit hurt last game. Also I think we score more than 5 points which is what they gave up to Stanford beating them 10-5, if we get in that type of game, a grind it out game we can win with proper clock management.

      My hope is Kyle and crew come up with a great plan to do what we did to Oregon last year, I think Utah’s team would love to ruin Sr. Day in Boulder and send USC to the Championship game.

      The rivalry takes another step in the right direction this weekend. We deny CU the P12 championship game.

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      Ute Fan

      I don’t see us winning in Boulder. Colorado is good, and still has a lot to play for. We will probably still be feeling the hangover from the loss against the Ducks.

      My confidence in us winning is not very high.

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        Ute Fan

        I was at Notre Dame in 2010 when we laid that goose egg following the Butt-whopping TCU gave us the week before. So help me if we do it again, I’m gonna go freaking insane.

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