N word should be banned by everyone.

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        Ute Fan

        The word should be banned everywhere by EVERYONE..”Some african Americans use that word to reclaim it” REALLY my african american wife has been called that and worse by ignorant people of her own race (and mine)  because she has conservative views. And believe me it was not meant as RECLAIMING” Not all Blacks are ok with that word…I have marched in Charleston when an unarmed black man was shot..My wife was revered…Then she marches for pro life and those same black “FRIENDS” Call her the n word. But according to alot of yall thats ok because it was blacks who called her that..Its not right to be used by ANY race..No EXCUSES

        Sorry but had to rant. ..Alot of African Americans Hate that word being used against them and in Rap…Well if a group of African Americans are offended by that word then by everyone’s count it should STOP.  Excusing it because its CULTURE is wrong.

        My 10 cents worth.

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        Tony (admin)

        Ever listen to rap?

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        Ute Fan

        Thank you for sharing this perspective, and I’m sorry that your wife has had to deal with her “friends” calling her this word when they don’t agree with her. I agree with you that the word should not be used by anyone, and I did not mean to offend people by posting about African-Americans trying to reclaim the word. I am not black and cannot experience the effects of this hurtful word personally, and I was just sharing some rationale that others have used for why the word is used in rap and amongst African-Americans. Mainly, I was trying to respond to how ridiculous it was to suggest that whites can use the word because some blacks say it.

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          Ute Fan

          And I see where you were coming from..Just wanted people to see the perspective on the other side of it. 

          I would just hope one day everyone would stop using it….



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        Ute Fan

        I’ll never know what it’s like to be black. So I’m not going to pretend to understand why it’s OK to drop n-bombs in some segments of black culture and not others, or why it’s OK to use that word in some situations and not in others.

        But I do know this: In the workplace, racial slurs are never OK. Doesn’t matter if those slurs are against blacks, whites, latinos, Asians, or whoever. Doesn’t matter if those slurs are said by blacks, whites, latinos, Asians, or whoever. Doesn’t matter if those slurs are said about one’s own race.

        The unwritten – and sometimes seemingly unfair – rules of racism, ageism, sexism, orientationism, or religionism in culture are somewhat of a mystery to probably all of us. But the the rules at work are very, very clear.

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        Ute Fan

        Protestors and rioters call the cops that word. Think about that for a second. It has no place in a society. 

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        Ute Fan

        There seems to be an interesting dichotomy between the word used with the suffix -er and the suffix -a. The former seems to be an unremitigated racial slur, and the latter almost a term of endearment. The word is just a word, and it pains me that language is used as a hammer like it is. I agree with you, that if the word is so toxic, it should just be extirpated from the language in either form. 

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        Matthew Thomas Castleton
        Ute Fan

        No word should be banned. Someone CHOOSES to be offended by a word. It’s just a noise made by the lips, teeth, and tongue. Also, how on earth are you going to possibly enforce that? Fine people for saying something someone else might find offensive Mr. Thought Police? If it’s not ever okay to say that word, how about words that other people find offensive? I’m offended by the word Democrat. And the words social justice. And many other words. Should those be banned too Mr. Virtue Signaling? There is this thing called freedom of speech that is protected by the 1st amendment. How exactly are you going to get around that one?

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