NIU Sutton Smith or Hercules

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      On the road Utah o-line has a tough task.

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      Pace Manyung
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      Why did kwhitt agree to this game…. No upside.

      FYI: Rockford area is white trash pit.  Crime rate is over 300% the national average.  Expect to see a lot of wasted, dip cup spitting, MAGA hat wearing idiots.  

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        What’s particularly interesting is that in 2014 NIU scheduled Utah AND brigham home and home series, and both were announced at the same time. Not sure Whitt had much of a choice in this one…

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        Kyle likes early road games. This was a quick and easy road game. 

        Its why we play Wyoming on the road. Kyle likes to take the team on the road, early, get the team together, and go through the routine. 

        It is what it is. 

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        Do you ever say anything positive?  It must be miserable to be so negative all of the time.

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        If we lose to niu we won’t be good enough for it niu we won’t be good enough for it to matter.

        And honestly, We should play these type of games now and then. Imo. We were the little guy once hoping to get any p5 school we could to come to RES. 

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          Indeed if we can’t decisively defeat NIU, we will not be competitive in the PAC 12 this year.


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      In order to avoid overlooking NIU I hope KWhitt shows the team the tape of a really good Stanford team (finished ranked #3) getting rolled in Chicago in 2015 at the hands of a pretty good Northwestern squad (finished ranked #23) the first week of the season.  At least Northwestern is a Big-Ten school.


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