Now the Sun Bowl…

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      Ute Fan

      another bites the dust…Miami pulls out of the Sun Bowl.  

      Jeeze, please put the Utes and Buckeyes in a bubble so they can play.  It would be such a Utah sport’s fan experience to finally make it to the Rose Bowl and not play.

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      Ute Fan

      How badly did Miami want to play in the Sun Bowl?

      Seems like at least some of these cancellations have more to do with bowls having lost all meaning. The positive test results are being used as a convenient excuse.

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        Ute Fan

        I have noticed the same. Each team that has quit on their bowl game has not only blamed Covid, but also transfers and opt outs. 

        Covid is the easy out for these teams that have lame duck coaches and a mass exodus of starters. Would be nice to hold these schools accountable (Miami, Virginia, Hawaii, BC) but the root of the problem is too many bowl games. And before someone argues that too much football is never a bad thing does not understand quality over quantity.

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      CB [Execute Podcast]
      Ute Fan

      How about just don’t test any Utes or buckeyes? Guaranteed to not get the game cancelled

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      Ute Fan

      Miami, new coach. We know how much of a pussy he is. I feel for Miami. We’re likely going to cream them soon as well.

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