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      Ute Fan

      Toooo basic on offense. Vanilla

      Utes have a dynamic qb. Dont use him in scenarios to get him out on the edge to make plays.  He’s fast and shifty.  I see no read option  at all none. We should have 20 plays to run from read option. Similar to a Lamar Jackson.  Instead just basic hand off to a great back yes.. but you have to mix it up. I remember when urban meyer had the offense.. and even Boise State same era ran great plays. The plays would fool the cameras several times in a half. It was fun to watch. You saw what happened when we ran the end around to Moss ? 45 yard run and back in the game. And then we stopped and went back to what wasnt working.  But now our qb is running for his life back there.. they played Colorado first half like this also.. and usc too whole game.

      One other thing. I love this team but I saw no energy on sideline from players and or coaches. I look at the sideline of oregon and the coach is so hyped he looks like hes ready yo play in the game. Slamming his head set on ground. Like he wanted to win and ra ra attitude..  I look on our sideline and it looks like we’re playing in a pre season game. Just my observation.  It looked like this was our first time playing in this game.  But we essentially have the same team as last years pac 12 title game. It looked like Oregon played in the game last year.. not us. .outside of the hit on the back first play  on defense.. no energy. Didnt match the energy of the opponent


      Some say

      Maybe they just didnt want to play LSU or Ohio state first round playoff.. Idk.  But I feel we had the personel to win the game last night . GO UTES !!!

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      Ute Fan

      thats the most outrageous statement I’ve ever heard. “maybe they just didn’t want to play LSU or Ohio State first round playoffs” . sigh*

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