Offensive Line is the root of most of the problems

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      Until the O-line can figure out how to open up running lanes and pass protect so Huntley has more than 1 second in the pocket we’ll be a mediocre team. Luckily the Pac-12 appears to be an “any given Saturday” type of league this year, each team has been up and down so we’ll have our wins to go along with some losses. SJSU had no problem getting into our backfield and pressuring Huntley (until half their team picked up some injury or another), against Pac-12 competition we won’t be putting up tons of points like we did tonight. 


      I’m not convinced this team is anything more than a 6-6 squad given the O-line problems, the lack of ball control/discipline, the weak running game, and the stupid penalties. 

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      Some bad decisions by Huntley made the Oline look worst than they really were.  I also think the holes are there but Moss is not playing well.  I honestly don’t know what Utah will be against Zona.  I still think they are capable of winning.  Coaches seemed to have fixed somet things from game one to two.  I also think we will see different formations going forward.  Henry-Cole may be the lead back soon.  

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