One great accomplishment this coaching staff deserves so far.

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    There was a time when Leki Fotu, Blackmon, Moss and Anae were a push to go to the NFL after the season. Fotu was practically playing for his draft spot this year. As of right now, ALL of them will be returning for their senior season. Moss has expressed this, but not publicly. He is the only one that I fear leaving as he has the most to lose of all of them. Situations are never final until papers are signed or dates have expired. But even having 3/4 returning is huge for next years team.

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    How is that a coaching accomplishment to have players NOT exceed expectations?

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      If Moss, Anae and Fotu each come back I consider that 3 huge recruiting wins.

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    All Zack has to win is a Heisman Trophy! 😮

    All the team has to do is win the Rose Bowl or something more.

    the 2019 season will be for the Rose Bowl. In the 2020 season, it will be a CFP semi site. Win it next year!


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