Opinion: Pac-12 a conference of champions or conference of appeasement?

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        Ute Fan

        What should be most prominent in these discussions is agreement that the TV football gods should not be allowed to dictate to the institutions their traditions, relationships and values. Football is only one of many sports at Division 1 schools. As such, it should not disenfranchise the hundreds of athletes competing in basketball, volleyball, swimming and other sports who will disproportionately be impacted by conference realignments that force more time away from the classroom and campus life. A college football team may have to travel long distance three or four times in a 12-game season. The women’s softball team, meanwhile, plays about 50 games in a season, and men’s basketball more than 30. The burden imposed by time and travel is significant. Where is the commitment to equity and education?

        College football presidents and athletic directors are doing the driving. Where are the voices of all the student-athletes?

        The first step is to recognize, if not embrace, the reality that football is the tail wagging the dog. Time to move quickly through the seven steps from denial to acceptance. The Pac-12 does not have to graft itself onto the root stock of the Big 12 or ACC. It does not have to bulk up with new members and hope someone will want to watch Oregon battle Colorado State at 0-Dark Thirty some Saturday night.

        Recognize that college football has become its own life form and implement a plan that extracts it from the rest of college athletic programs. The Pac-12 could form a football only mega-league with, say, the Big 12 or ACC and keep all other original conference programs, traditions, rivalries, and decision-making intact and distinct. No need to sacrifice tens of thousands of other student-athletes collegiate experience simply due to an inability to think creatively.

        The dash for cash should not lead the Pac-12 to sacrifice the pursuit of equity for all students or surrender institutional control of its own future. Maximizing football revenue can help stabilize other non-revenue sports without disrupting traditional alliances and adding additional cost that might endanger their future viability. The conference must decide if it wants to remain the Conference of Champions ­– or the Conference of Appeasement.

        oregonlive.com article

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        Ute Fan

        A long shot. If the P12 can find a valued balance between media money and the regional benefit of staying together as a group in the West, P12 may hang on. UCLA and USC will be taking on a huge burden and risk in two years that money won’t cover up. Klievkoff is going to need an industry changing plan to get P12 decent enough money to make staying home worth while, especially for UW, OU, and Stanford. Sounds petty I know, the P12 school leaders starting yesterday need to make it absolutely miserable for UCLA and USC over the next two years even if it causes litigation. What USC and UCLA are doing is impacting layers of people and student athletes on so many levels.

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          Ute Fan

          What sort of things would they do to make it absolultely miserable?

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