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      Justin Flowe: 5 star LB who has had some injury issues
      Jonathan Flowe: 4 star DB who didn’t get on the field as a freshman. Might be worth a flyer as a package deal
      Byron Cardwell: 4 star RB who impressed as a true freshman but disappeared in 2022

      You can never have enough talent, especially if they are kids who feel like they got screwed by a coaching change and have something to prove.

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      Do we have any scholarships to offer?

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        The math isn’t as straightforward for the Utah schools because of mission kids. I think that there are somewhere around 5 recruits in this class that could take their missions but whether they will do so immediately or after 1 year on campus isn’t known at this point. We all expect Nate Ritchie and Sione Fotu to come back so that would be a wash for two of the expected missionaries.

        Additionally, you don’t need to be down to 85 scholarships until somewhere around the 1st of September so being over the number would help alleviate transfers after spring ball. We should also expect a few more kids to put their name in the portal after the Rose Bowl who have been planning to leave for awhile but still want to experience the reward they earned as part of this years team.

        Ultimately I think the staff are the only people who have an idea of where Utah stands and even they will be caught off guard. In 2022 you had Peppins leave after a couple of days on campus, Latu and Tabarraci entered the portal after spring ball.,, seems like there were more but I’m not coming up with them right now.

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      In general, I’d rather have HS talent than transfer talent. This is because Transfers have, for the most part, proven that they aren’t ready to compete at a high level.

      Obviously there are exceptions to this, players that have proven themselves at other schools and are transfering to play for a better team (diabate/Kincaid/Kendall/G. Reid…), and players that just didn’t find the right fit the first time around (Rising for example), but generally, if a player is transferring, it’s because they weren’t good enough to play wherever they are transferring from. Our team is good enough that we really don’t need many guys that have proven they can’t get PT at places like Oregon or USC.

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        Maybe they didn’t fit in the teams scheme they transferred from 

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        Coaching changes play a factor in a kids choice to leave as well. As a coach you’d be a fool to ignore kids leaving Stanford or other universities with a similar style.

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        Transfers and HS alike, the key is evaluation. Sometimes a player will make a better effort with a second chance. Sometimes they solve their injury issue. Sometimes 4* HS players never see the field or disappoint. You can hit or miss with either. Whitt makes his living being above average at evaluation. I do know his primary focus is one year at a time so he will be maximizing 2023 with this class.

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