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      I’ll just leave this here….

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      Ute Fan

      I think this is the right move.

      I think there is great long-term value the PAC-12 has in owning 100% of its rights (or 90% if another business buys into the conference), especially with some non-traditional players wanting to get into live sports broadcasting (Amazon, Google, YouTube).

      I’m tiring of people taking shots at the PAC-12 for every little move.  Yes they’ve made some mistakes, but lots of it is just lazy viewpoints.



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        Ute Fan

        The Pac-12 is banking on ESPN and Fox to implode, with the PAC-12 rising above the ashes unscathed. That is certainly a possiblity, but I don’t think it’s likely. In the meantime the PAC-12 will keep falling further and further behind. 

        Larry’s attempt to sell off 10% of the conference is a hail mary to try and keep the PAC 12 competing with the rest of the P-5 until 2025 or so, when the chips will fall and we will see whether or not this huge gamble paid off for the Pac-12. 

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        Ute Fan

        With Apple’s late late late entrance into the steaming market you wonder if this will finally push everything in that direction. With the HQ close to Silicone Valley I have wondered when we would get a stand alone subscription.  

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