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        Ute Fan

        Guys, I’m thinking the South is going to be an absolute dog fight this year. I’ve been drinking the koolaid since Spring believing we are winning the South and it’s going to be us and Oregon battling it out in the CCG. But after learning more about the other teams I’m starting to feel the need to pump the brakes a bit.
        We’ve heard for awhile that it’s us and SC with ASU in the mix as well. But Yogi Roth is super high on UCLA. He says DTR has been the most impressive QB he’s seen without question, placing him ahead of both Slovis and Jayden Daniels. Talented QBs usually need a couple of years of experience before they finally have that breakout year (ie Tyler Huntley)…and that’s what we’re looking at with DTR. The whole conference basically has 80 – 90% returning production from last year. And UCLA has the most. Their offensive line has 2 NFL tackles on either side. The biggest knock against UCLA is they have the toughest schedule of anyone in the South, playing LSU in OOC and then having to go on the road to play us, SC, and Stanford this year. Add to all of this that it’s do or die time for Chip Kelly and I think they’re going to be a really tough out. The only gimme game I’m seeing really is Arizona. Every other conference game where we are favored, could be really tough outs. For example, Stanford is going to be another dangerous team this year like UCLA. And we’ve got to go play them at the Farm.
        I’m not discounting the fact that this truly is Whitt’s deepest and most talented team yet. We’ll definitely be right there in the mix for winning the South. I’m just not feeling confident it’s going to be like 2019 where we are destroying teams on our way to an 8-1 Conf campaign.
        Would love to get everyone’s thoughts. Especially if you think I’m missing something…I’m hoping more than anything that 10-2 is right there for the taking! Go Utes!!

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        Ute Fan

        I think SC is going to need 2 losses in the south, hopefully Utah is one of their losses. 

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        Ute Fan

        The conference is USC’s to win, on account of they get Utah and UCLA at home, and miss both Oregon and Washington.  They have the easiest path to a division title.

        Arizona St’s path is the next easiest, as they get to miss Oregon — a slight advantage over Utah’s miss of Washington.  

        I expect USC’s greased schedule will win them the South, and Utah and Arizona St to battle it out for #2.

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        Ute Fan

        Agree–it’s gonna be a dog fight.  

        It may not look pretty to the rest of the country when it comes to win/loss records, but it will sure be a lot of fun.

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        Ute Fan

        We will immediately know how good Utah is after that SC game. A win there and I will be snorting the lines of red kool aid. Having a bye week before could help that prep hopefully.

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        Ute Fan

        I have been thinking the same thing since the Spring Game. We look good, but so does everyone else. Everyone has a ton of talent returning.

        USC plays the same teams in the Pac12 as us but gets to swap Oregon for Cal. Plus we play them at USC. That one game alone would likely end our South title hopes. With the tiebreaker, USC would have to lose at least 2 more games.

        Not really any gimmies either. DTR has always looked good to me, except for the many mistakes. If he cleans those up, he could be dangerous.

        I am just glad to have football back. I don’t have any plans on winning the South, but hope we are in it.

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        Ute Fan

        Here’s some koolaid MD…if we stay healthy we’re getting our first win in the coliseum this year and the floor is 10 wins!!

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          Ute Fan

          Love it!!! Needed that OnlyU….thanks! Go Utes!!

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          Drink up. Cheers. 

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