Pelicans: NBA’s Farm Club

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    Why do you say that? They lost one star… pretty much every other non huge market team can say the same.

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      Chris Paul is a star.

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      It seems to me they are always getting good lottery picks and then after they play out their rookie contracts they go off somewhere else as a free agent or flame out.  I guess this year they are going all-young and we’ll see if it pans out or they, once again, just get experience in the Crescent City before seeking to play elsewhere. Either that or become total busts. Granted they didn’t have high picks 2016-18.

      Some examples
      Moved on: CP3, Nerlens Noel, Buddy Heild, Austin Rivers, Anthony Davis (did get 7 seasons from him)
      Busts (so far): Austin Rivers, Diamond Stone, Dwayne Bacon, Edmond Sumner, Tony Carr

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    Looking at who they’ve picked up I expect them to be decent next year, perhaps even sneaky good.


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