per sagarin, Utah has played the 14th toughest schedule

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        tough schedule, much tougher circumstances. proud of these guys. lets go 1-0 this week.

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        Huh. Got a link? I’d like to see that, and some of the others ahead of us. 

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          I’ve actually got Utah tied for 9th in my adjusted Opponent Record ranking. A couple of caveats: 1) I don’t include opponents record until the game has been played, 2) I don’t calculate based on FCS record and I believe Sagarin does, and 3) I only calculate opponents record for games not involving the school.

          I use the third option because I don’t feel like Utah, or any other school, should get extra credit for losing while at the same time being punished for winning.

          If you go by straight opponents record, Utah has only played one team under .500. 6-2 parochial school, 7-0 SDSU, 4-4 WSU, 3-4 USC, 5-2 ASU, 5-2 OSU and whatever Weber’s record is. Utah’s opponents may not be getting national attention but it’s not like they’ve played dogs every week so far. 30-14 for FBS opponents.

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        Teams ahead of Utah using my methodology would be:

        1) Indiana: Iowa, Cincinatti, Penn State, Michigan State, Ohio State
        2) Miami (Fl): Alabama, App State, Michigan State, Virginia, NC State
        3) Boise: UCF, UTEP (talk about coach of the year), Oklahoma State, Utah State, Nevada, parochial school, Air Force
        4) Kansas State: Nevada, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Iowa State, Texas Tech
        4) Tulane: Oklahoma, MIssissippi, Houston, SMU
        6) Texas: Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State
        7) Louisville: Mississippi, UCF, Wake Forest, Virginia
        8) Navy: Air Force, Houston, UCF, SMU, Cincinatti

        shoot, that was supposed to be a reply to my earlier post

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