possible conference schedule change could screw us over for NCAA bid…

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    How so?

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      we will only place some schools like the Arizona’s and South Cal once a season, thus less likely for us to get a bid to the NCAA. I’m sure it’ll look better beating them twice on paper. or even getting a 1:1 W/L ratio playing against each other.

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    How are Stanford/Cal and Washington/Washington St harder road pairs than Utah/Colorado?


    Maybe I didn’t pay enough attention last season.

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      Call me crazy, but I think the coaches are trying to game this new system to avoid the longest road trip in the conference.

      The distance between Utah and Colorado (520 miles) is nearly twice as far as the next farthest travel partners, Washington & Washington State (278 miles). Then there is the altitude factor and possible travel delays due to snow. I think the Utah/Colorado road trip is easily the least favorite of all of the coaches, so they are voting in a way that puts Utah and Colorado at the bottom to avoid playing more than one game at a time out here.

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        Looking at last year’s standings, it would appear the easiest road trip would be Washington/Washington St as they finished 10 and 11 in the Pac 12. 

        Next easiest would be Cal/Stanford who finished 6/9.

        UCLA/USC would be the toughest finishing 3/5. 

        Arizona/ASU finished 1/8.

        Oregon/OSU finished 2/12. OSU only won one conference game.

        Utah/Colorado finished 4/7. 

        I’d say toughest to easiest.

        1. USC/UCLA – Combined 25-11 in league last year.

        2. Arizona/ASU – Combined 23-13.

        3. Utah/Colorado – Combined 19-17.

        4. Oregon/OSU – Combined 17-19.

        5. Stanford/Cal – Combined 16-18.

        6. Washington/WSU – Combined 8-28.

        Doesn’t pass the eyeball test.

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    I’d be ok with this method if it was based on numbers – like the actual W/L UTE98 posted above.

    As it is, it’s a farce.

    If you go by overall seedings/standings at the end of last year, which is what I think the article implies, you get:

    SC/UCLA 2+3=5/2= 2.5
    UA/ASU 1+9=10/2= 5
    UT/CO 4+8=12/2= 6
    UW/WSU 6+11=17/2= 8.5
    UO/OSU 7+10=17/2- 8.5
    Cal/Stan 5+12=17/2= 8.5


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