PSU taking a knee when Jackson was hurt

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      Milton Vanderslice
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      I’ll be honest, this is the first redeeming thing I’ve seen PSU do since the truth came out.  It was a classy move.

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      Ute Fan

      Good for the team. I still hate their fans defending paterno.

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      Puget Ute
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      To be honest, the Penn State players and coaches are going to be under an extreme microscope over the next few years/decade. They will need to be extremely squeaky-clean in all aspects, just to get the benefit of the doubt from people. And I think they will justifiably earn a reputation as squeaky-clean.

      That said, I think the PSU players kneeling when Adoree Jackson got hurt was truly a legitimate gesture of good will by their players. I can’t imagine they will be the type of players who cheap shot the other team, taunt fans, or celebrate obnoxiously. Those things are a real turn off during bowl games.

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      You need to understand that this is the way it has always been with Penn State football and academics. This is not new. This is the legacy of Joe Paterno. “Success with Honor” is the rule, not the exception. We were always led to be squeaky clean. It was never a football culture. It was always about doing the right thing, which Joe did in reporting the little information he had, and which we will do in the future.


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