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      Didn’t like my cut and paste formatting…. see below.

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      Just a few random thoughts for a stress-free bye weekend…


      • Utah is only six wins away from shoving our Sugar Bowl and Fiesta Bowl trophies aside to make room for the National Championship prize.  Interestingly enough, we have an 83% chance of winning the first three games but it drops to a 3% chance of winning the last three (I used Oregon, Ohio St & LSU in my equation).  Seriously, whoever wins the championship will have earned it.


      • There could be a very real scenario where the consolation prize for losing the Pac 12 Championship Game is the Rose Bowl.  God I love being part of the cool kids.


      • I mentioned this on Saturday after the game, but I think it bears repeating- Utah is a 7 point loss to the Trojans away from completing the Pac 12 “Grand Slam” by beating every Pac 12 team the last time we played them.  Let that sink in.


      • This has been one of the best college football seasons in years.  Not only is the big picture wide-open but the Utes are right smack in the middle of that picture.  For those of us that grew up in the 80’s watching our Utes, this is extra special.


      • Part of me loves the idea of expanding the playoff to 8 teams, but part of me also loves the fact that the college football season is one big double-elimination tournament for the P5’s and a single-elimination tournament for the G5’s.  Every week I watch teams get eliminated from consideration.  The format is relatively young (5 years) but no 2-loss team has been invited yet.  I know some deserving teams have barely missed the cut, but it seems to be teams from those conferences who insist on playing 9 conference games.


      • Tony- thanks for doing the Pick’em contest.  It’s fun to track that.  I was 50/50 on about half the games this week so it could be brutal for me.


      That’s it.  Hope you all have a great weekend… let’s rest up so we can BRING IT next week at RES.



      Go Utes!



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      Ute Fan

      Agree with everything, except the playoff comment. I hate everything about the current playoff system. Give 8 or give me death!

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        Ute Fan

        50% of me agrees with you!

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      Great post!!
      I watch everything about the team I can get my hands on and the thing that seems to stand out above all this year is this feeling of brotherhood. They all seem to truly care about each other. Couple that with confidence and skill which they have beyond prior years, you have something special. I really have complete confidence that they will win the next 4 games. It’s been an honor to associate myself (from a distance) with this team as an alum.

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