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      Don’t get me wrong. I enjoyed this article a great deal. However, am I being a tad paranoid or is this article like a perfect dossier on Huntley for our PAC-12 opponents to get prepared for his passing game (complete with graphs showing where on the field he throws the ball, and to what percentage of completion, etc.)?  

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        I kind of thought the same thing.  But, then realized that our opponents already do this and much more for any QB they need to defend.

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        Other teams in the PAC-12 already have these charts and a whole lot more. This isn’t a secrete to PAC-12 opponents that have resources and researchers. My concern is that we’ve only thrown it more than 20 yards down the field (chunk plays as Whit calls them) 16 times and connected 4. That’s just 25 percent on the deep ball and 2 of those were on Huntley scramble plays that weren’t designed to go deep. Pushing the ball deep is a weakness of Troy Taylor’s RPO style offense. WR routes have to be short and quick or else the OL will be flagged blocking down field on run action plays. I hope we start to see more deep throws in conference play, especially if our run game continues to struggle.

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        They will have already known this info. It will not help them

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      The thing I’ve noticed, I think it’s a trend, tendency, pattern is Huntley rolls out to the right too often. This is great for the defense because it shrinks the size of the field they need to cover on passes.

      So when I saw the lower completion percentage to the right, I thought it was due to the advantage the defense has, plus Huntley is usually on the run, so less accurate with his throws.

      Anybody agree? Disagree? I thought about three or four times last game, why do the plays keep going to the right on roll outs? 

      Though, I have to admit I don’t think he’s had poor throws resulting in interceptions and as a right handed QB he’ll throw more passes out of bounds over there, so take that for what it’s worth.

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        Well yes I agree and so does the chart. I’d bet most right handed QB’s default scrambling to the right, since that’s where they are looking and know where to go.

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        Yeah rolling to the right is easier for a right handed qb. Left side roll out he would have to turn his hips to push the ball to the right. Rolling left the defense could ignore everything to the right side of the field really.


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