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        Even KW has noted that in doing it the right way, it has taken time to build Utah’s capabilities to where they need to be to be competitive in the Pac-12. He would not do it any other way.

        While Utah may rank close to the bottom of the ratings by the so-called experts, Utah has consistently out performed in the conference given the talent. Utah places more kids in the NFL than they “should” given from where they have come from, etc.

        Of course, we all want more and sooner rather than later.

        Utah is a unique place. I don’t know all the reasons. Maybe its the distance from Texas or California or Florida. Maybe other local factors play a role. But it is what it is, that is a baked in given, a boundary condition. All KW et al. can do is work hard, remained focused on the goal, and soldier on.

        Utah did well this season. And given the youth in the program, and how they are stacking up for next season, I expect Utah to remain competitive next season. My hope, in this I trust, is that this performance will begin to pay larger dividends. They have up to now, and I think that process accelerates.

        It is a bummer to have Jack Tuttle decide to leave mid-season. Should Jaylen Daniels elect to go to another program, especially given the opportunities for him at Utah, so be it. KW et al. will power forward, single-minded in their goal, and slowly and surely get Utah to higher ground.

        I look forward to the day when Utah has as many kids first or second team all conference on offense as it does on defense.

        I look forward to the day when Utah 4 and 5 star recruits pass on Washington, or USC or Alabama, and want to play for the real U.

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        Ute Fan

        Recruiting is usually a year slow. We won’t see the return on this year until next recruiting class. 

        This next fall is where Utah can really turn the corner or not. If we beat NW, finish in the top 15, bring everyone back, easy schedule, start the year in the top 15 and stay there, we could see a big bump in recruiting. Players like JD commit early instead of wondering. 

        Plus, next year’s class will be a lot bigger, which always makes you look better. 

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