Regarding Herbstreit’s picks

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      It’s not a bad thing to not be unanimous pre-season South champs. This team has always thrived in the underdog role, and getting a little extra taste of that never hurts.
      However, Herbie is known for just picking whatever big names he happens to know and riding with those. Being a TV guy, all he does is try and please big fan bases that will boost his ratings. Clearly he’s got a man crush on Benjamin and doesn’t think the PAC-12 will make the playoff. So he’s just tossing ASU against the wall and hoping it sticks.
      The writers, not the national TV guys, are the ones who typically do their homework and make informed decisions. Those are the people who voted Utah as the PAC favorites, and those are the people who gave them favorable votes in the AP poll.

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      Corso just said he picks Utah is in the playoffs, beats Clemson to get to the National Championship, where they lose to Bama.

      Not bad.


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