Relating to a post about Ute fans yesterday.

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      Ute Fan

      I have been a Utah fan for over 55 years and have remained loyal the entire time.

      It was mentioned yesterday that there aren’t that many Mormon Ute fans anymore.  I beg to differ.  There are plenty of us.  It really doesn’t matter to me what religion, race or secual preference any Ute fan is.  But, to say that there aren’t many Mormons is just simply not true.

      Also, it was implied that anyone who deosn’t drink is not normal.  I think I am a pretty normal guy and I don’t drink.  I know plent of non Mormons who do not drink.  I don’t understand the feeling that one must drink to be normal.

      On the BYU side of things – I know many non LDS BYU fans.  Obviously, the largest group of their fans are indeed LDS, but there are plenty who are not or at least are not practicing Mormons.

      In the end – I guess what I am saying is, when it comes to Utah fans, let’s just leave religion out of it.  It shouldnt matter if our fans are Catholic, Lutheren, Atheist or Jew.  We are all Ute fans.

      Go Utes!!!


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      Ute Fan

      But no unitarians right?

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      Ute Fan

      From an ex-mormon atheist who drinks, thanks for your write-up and happy to have you as a fellow Ute! Go Utes!

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      Ute Fan

      When you think abut there are really only 2 types of Utah fans.

      Normal Utah fans
      NEZ Utah fans

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      Ute Fan

      yeah… the idea that there aren’t any mormon Ute fans anymore is even dumber than suggesting that there weren’t many to begin with.

      The reality is, there are more mormon Ute fans than ever before, because more and more mormon kids are growing up, and realizing that BYU is NOT the Lord’s university, and he couldn’t possibly care less about football.

      … and BYU sucks right now, there is that too.


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