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      Dante Guardi
      Ute Fan

      Morgan Scalley is the next head coach of Utah football. I understand what he said in those texts messages was wrong. That was years ago. He just outclassed Joe Moorhead, one of the best offensive minds in football two times in the last three weeks and won the Pac 12 with a defense that started 36 different freshman this season. Regarding those text messages, I think the first person to look at when thinking if he has learned from his mistake is CP3. I mean, I have NEVER and I mean NEVER seen a college athlete, let alone student as well spoken and mature as CP3. On and off the field. He is a straight up stud. He knew about those texts, he stuck with Morgan and decided to play for him knowing that. Every time Morgan is brought up, Clark has only great things to say about him as do the rest of the players. Lets enjoy Whitt while we still have him, but I really felt this had to be said. Morgan is a Utah man through and through and is the man for the job when the time comes.

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      Ute Fan

      Went over to the Ohio St fanboards to see their thoughts.  A few things consistently showed up

      1. They think Utah is a quality team that CAN beat them. Not a lot of strong predictions that Utah will or won’t, but lots of belief that it’s going to be a good game against a worthy opponent. There’s some respect there.

      2. There’s a lot of frustration with Ryan Day and their perceived ‘softness’ and the culture.  They know there’s talent in Columbus, but feel they can’t deal with being punched in the mouth. This is why they feel it’s a even matchup. Talent vs Heart/Determination.

      3. They absolutely love Morgan Scalley. There were probably 10+ posts discussing that they’d like to poach him away as their defensive coordinator. Love his game plan, love his recruiting, not particularly worried about his past texts.  This wasn’t just a “their defense was good, I wish we had that”, it was specific to Scalley and they’d done a surprising amount of research on him







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      Ute Fan

      Scalley seems to have shown that he wants to stay local. I personally believe that having consistency and someone who won’t leave at the first offer for more money but he’s security is best for Utah. If we could switch from Whitt to Scalley and he coaches for 15ish years, that would lead to greater success than coaching carousel.

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      Central Coast Ute
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      I agree. Utah needs someone like Scalley as their next head coach. Bringing in an Urban Meyer would only give us someone for a few years then he’s gone. One thing Utab has going for them on the recruiting trail is Whitt’s consistency. Scalley is a Utah man and is less likely to be poached away by a bigger name.

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      Ute Fan

      Scalley isn’t going anywhere. I think after the Rose Bowl. He will be reinstated as head coach I’m waiting with a raise. My prediction, Whitt goes for two more years and then rides off in the sunset. I think Whit will try for the playoff next year and then seriously consider hanging it up. With that in mind, Scalley Isn’t going anywhere.

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