• I wouldn’t count us out yet. He took his first official visit in April. It was to Ole Miss and he committed there within a few days of that.

    But he still has scheduled OVs to Cal, Utah, and Arkansas (and just picked up an offer from Michigan as well).

    Ole Miss is clearly the favorite…but I’d guess that it’s not in stone

  • To be fair, a big part of this is because Peyton Manning was before the Internet recruiting rating era. It’s not that he wasn’t rated highly, there’s just no consensus record of it because he was from a different era in HS -> College recruiting.

    Same story with the other guys you mentioned – Always for example. There’s only a few QBs who have…[Read more]

  • Sounds like it’s mostly from that ranking/listing Altimore put together a while back…but it’s become an Oroboros at this point.

    Altimore ranked teams, and podcasts reacted.
    Then over the next month, articles were written (based on Altimore’s rankings) and now podcast are reacting to those articles as if it’s something new or corroborating…[Read more]

  • Agree with everything you’ve said – here’s why I wrote it up the way I did

    Jaylen Johnson, I was trying to point out that he’s not just great, but also young

    Kincaid is a stud….but his offensive snap share in the last 4 games was 49%, 42%, 55%, 55% for 137 offensive snaps. Dalton Knox had 155 snaps over those same 4 games. Kincaid is clearly…[Read more]

  • Thanks. I knew that and somehow with all the info overload it slipped out. I had thought he’d be UDFA so my brain reverted to that somehow. Knowing he’s drafted, his odds are much higher

  • If you’re curious on BYU, USU, Weber St, Southern Utah, or Utah Tech players, you can also see more in my post on that other site –>

    Figured I’d rewrite the Utah breakdown here, but didn’t want to redo all of it

  • Clear Starters (10):

    • Marcus Williams (FS, Baltimore): One of the better safeties in the NFL, in the 3rd year of a 5 year/$70M deal. Has missed a few games each of the last two seasons and the cap hits are going up, so safe for this year, but a possible cap hit after next season
    • Jaylon Johnson (CB, Chicago): Had a breakout season and is now…

    [Read more]

  • The most impressive thing about this is that it could be much more impressive. This isn’t a list of players who were drafted under Scalley. It doesn’t include (for example) Jonah Elliss, a DE who had Scalley as his DC. It doesn’t even include someone like Jaylon Johnson.

    It’s not defensive players under the DC. Or even DBs. This is purely…[Read more]

  • krindor replied to the topic Cole Bishop to the Bills! in the forum Football 1 month ago

    It’s philosophy of the Bills GM – he’s more willing than most to go after guys who played out west or on a smaller stage. The Dolphins prefer to grab guys from blue-blood schools and the SEC or B1G (see Waddle, Tua, Chop). Not sure if that has to do with where they played or their pedigree/expectations (higher rated guys with stronger athletic…[Read more]

  • If you look at NCAA athletic financial disclosures, all athletic departments report the cost of scholarships as expenses for the AD, not as institutional support. That’s standardized.

    On athletic facility rental/lease/use fees, every school also reports them as an expense (item 34). Those who have the University pay it (instead of the AD) still…[Read more]

  • Yeah, credit to LSU. They just went and took it. Even if we’d been able to count a 9.95 instead of the fall, LSU still would have jumped us. They just absolutely nailed it on beam to tonight.

  • krindor replied to the topic Need a poll for a new poll in the forum Misc 1 month, 1 week ago

    How many Utah players will be drafted in NFL draft?

    Bishop, Vaki, Elliss are basically certainties and Laumea would be a surprise if he wasn’t drafted. But I’ve also seen Vele and Bills occasionally mocked in the late rounds.

    So 3, 4, 5, 6 players drafted is all on the table

  • Absolutely if we had less money, we would also spend less money. But that doesn’t change how much we’re actually netting.

    Imagine someone makes $100k/yr salary…but also has generous parents who give him $20k/yr. And he then spends $118k/yr.

    It’s nice to know that if his parents suddenly cut him off he’d cut spending to $95k…but it still…[Read more]

  • One note on student fees and institutional support: it used to bother me, but doesn’t nearly as much anymore. If I’m a 45 year old grad student from Madagascar, part of my tuition is also being used to support the theatre program. Or Band. Or a new computer lab. Or a free student gym. None of which I might happen to use. The big difference is…[Read more]

  • Of course that doesn’t tell the whole story. If you take less money from the institution but then run a deficit, someone (probably the institution) still has to cover it. So here’s a ranking of the same schools by net athletics revenue minus net expenses

    1. Texas: +$37.21M
    2. Texas Tech: +$10.45M
    3. Kansas St: +$7.05M
    4. Kansas: +$4.19M
    5. Oregon:…

    [Read more]

  • Here’s a ranking of (public) Big 12 + PAC12 most to least in terms of institutional/student support in 2023

    1. Houston: $48.25M
    2. Arizona: $46.64M
    3. Cincinnati: $38.06M
    4. UCF: $36.74M
    5. Cal: $33.31M
    6. Colorado: $31.88M
    7. Arizona St: $21.1M
    8. Utah: $18.15M
    9. Oregon St: $11.21M
    10. Washington: $10.28M
    11. Washington St: $7.18M
    12. West Virginia: $6.48M
    13. Texas Tech:…

    [Read more]

  • krindor replied to the topic Proposed Super League in the forum Football 1 month, 1 week ago

    Based on TV ratings from the last 5 years of the 70 P5 teams and 13 other G5s of note (Army, Navy, Air Force, Memphis, Boise St, UTSA, USF, UNLV, Tulane, SDSU, Colorado St, UConn, Fresno St)…..

    Rutgers ranks #75 in television viewership score. Out of 83 total

  • krindor replied to the topic Proposed Super League in the forum Football 1 month, 1 week ago

    This is a proposal from a few people that has no legs…

    I could make a similar proposal in 24 hours that would be just as good or better and have about the same likelihood of actually happening. Not sure it’s worth getting too wrapped around the axle in how divisions are distributed in somebody’s fantasy

  • BYU options are very limited by effectively requiring that the coach be LDS with temple recommend. And there’s a few potential NBA options, but noise is that BYU wants guys from the college game.

    So that basically narrows it down to

    1. Mark Madsen: Likely the top choice, but has a huge buyout (and we know how fiscally conservative BYU is) and…

    [Read more]

  • krindor replied to the topic Pope to UK? in the forum They So Poo Poo 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    This became much more likely after Scott Drew turned the job down in a pretty public way.

    Don’t get me wrong, Pope is a good coach, but Kentucky absolutely had their sights set higher for someone with a bigger name and more postseason success.

    But after publicly being turned down by Pats, Donovan, Drew and others, they needed to make a hire and…[Read more]

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