Scheduling agreement with the B1G

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        Ute Fan

        A scheduling agreement with the B1G is one of the ideas that gets thrown around in response to the UT-OU/SEC thing. But what does that agreement look like? Here’s what I’d like it to be:

        1 home and 1 away against two different teams in one season (for instance @Iowa and home vs. Maryland)

        I’d love to see two home and two away against four different schools every year (e.g. @Indiana, @Penn State, home vs Wisconsin and Michigan State.) What a shot in the arm that would be for our home schedule and overall schedule.

        If an agreement happens, we’ll probably be lucky to get 1 fb and 1 mbb game per season. Still better than nothing, but not much of a statement made, IMO. Besides $$$, the point of Texas moving to the SEC is for fans to see the matchups they want to see more often. People want to tune in to UT vs Georgia more than UT vs TCU. Same in the PAC12/B1G people would rather see Washington vs Michigan than UW vs Eastern Washington.

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        Ute Fan

        I would love to see the Pac-12 and BigTen do a merger.  With our 12 teams, and their 14, we’d just move one of theirs to the west — most likely Nebraska — to even out the “east” and “west” divisions.  Division winners would play in the CCG — now called the “Rose Bowl”, with the winner being crowned the conference champion.  That champion would then go on to play in the CFP.  

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