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      Ute Fan

      I’m always on here bitching about Coach K, mostly because of his inability to make the NCAA tournament in the last three years, after seemingly being on a fabulous trajectory the previous 3 years.

      I’ve also complained bitterly about he and his coaching staff not being able to out-coach Altman.

      I love what I’ve seen from this team and from the coaching development during the year, even though it did not result in an NCAA bid, which I consider the annual goal for this program.

      I’m not sure what to expect in the second half, after leading a game in which I had no faith we would complete.

      I’d love to have the Ute staff outcoach the Altman, win this game, and make me eat crow tomorrow.

      Go Utes!

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      Well it isn’t going well. Utes can’t score on Oregon and they are afraid of Oregon so far. 

      Good hell Walton makes me want to claw my ears off. He got some good s**t in Vegas to smoke. 

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      this team makes so many stupid mistakes. It’s ridiculous

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        Refs ain’t helping now. Larry K is being outsmarted again easily. When they tied it up earlier and Coach K called that timeout then dropped his hands down. I used to love how he wears his emotions on his sleeve. But he really doesn’t make me like his sad face Larry emotion.

        Hope this T pushes them a little. 


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