So it looks like we start 3 freshman and 1 sophomore on the Oline

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      Maybe we need to keep our expectations in check a little bit this year. 

      I hope our mistakes are all due to a inexperienced Oline and a inadequate QB because if that’s the case, we’ll be just fine… in a year or two. 

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      No we don’t. We were told by coaches that our OL would be better this year. We were told that they played young guys two years ago so that they would be better next year. We were told the same things about a different group last year. 

      playing young guys so they can gain experience isn’t an excuse you can use multiple years in a row. The idea is you use that excuse one year, then improve the next year. That didn’t happen. Harding is doing it wrong. He blows it up every year so he can use youth as an excuse to save his bacon.

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        I don’t remember any coaches saying that. If they did, I would like to see it.

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          Whitt said all camp that this would be the best O Line ever at Utah. That he had 10 guys who were essentially interchangeable and all the coaches needed to do was pick out the right 5.

          You can’t make those claims and then have them performing as poorly as they have without losing a ton of credibility. Chinnig has been right on the O-Line for months.

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          We heard talk from multiple sources that we are 10 deep, then two guys go down and suddenly we are supposed to understand why we can’t find 5 guys to block. It seems like the overconfidence in our offensive line was born from the assumption that our defensive line was as awesome as usual. 

          I think our defensive line is struggling because they’ve gone against a terrible offensive line all off-season, and they didn’t develop as a result 

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            The O-line has sustained several injuries over the spring and summer.  The group is talented but when you have injuries you simply do your best.  That’s where are. . .

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              Lol, like ours are the only Olinemen with injuries. They said we were 10 deep. We did not lose 6 guys to injury. They aren’t good because their coach didn’t do his job well.

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      chinngiskhaan is right and not sure why all the downvotes for holding coaches responsible for hyping up the OL during fall camp. You can only use the youth excuse so many times. Closer look at those Fr & Soph and you’ll realize they have been in the program for 2-3 years. 

      Bottom line is our OL is bad and has been the position group holding the team back from PAC 12 championships. But let’s keep dismissing the OL because they are young and because Harding had an nfl interview one time so he must be a good coach. Enough with the excuses.

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