Speaking of recruiting, what’s all this talk about the Rose Bowl?

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      Someone please fill me in. I’m too lazy to research it myself.

      I promise to give you credit when I use the info to pick up people at my local Utah bar.

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      Not sure, but apparently John Pease has already bought his tickets to see the Utes in the Rose Bowl.


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      It has nothing to do with our recruiting class (which was great, by the way). Look at what we have returning:

      Huntley was the #3 QB in the PAC-12 in total offense per game, behind only Rosen and Darnold (that means Huntley is the #1 returning QB in total offense per game). 

      Moss was an absolute beast last year. And Shyne is coming back as well. And Shyne was better than Moss before he was hurt. And Shyne has looked every bit as good as he did before the injury this spring (although the scrimmage is going on right now. Would love to see them running today). 

      Our OL will be one of the most experienced in the country. Our OL coach is one of the best in the country. 

      While lacking experience, we are stocked with talent at WR. Boyd looks like a younger Carrington. Covey is back. Simpkins is really coming into his own and he and Huntley are really clicking. Thompson is promising. Jamison Fields has looked really good as has Dixon. We might not have the #1 we’ve had in the past (Dres, Patrick, Carrington), but the #2-6 are better than we have ever had. 

      DL looks to be better than it was last year. I mentioned this on another site, but losing Fitts, Lotulelei and Mokofisi hurts on paper. But in reality, Lowell and Fitts were injured all last year. DE was a real weakness for us. Fotu was our best DT the second half of the season and Tonga graded out as good as Mokofisi and better than Lowell. Anae should continue to improve, Tafua is better than what we had last year, Tupai looks like he has finally “got” it and should be able to contribute, Hamilton has bulked up and is starting to look like he can contribute at DE, Penisini looks good, and so on. Our DL won’t have the names from last year, but will be better. 

      Our LB’s look to be a position of strength this fall. Chase Hansen and Francis Bernard have NFL potential (if Bernard comes). Thompson and Barton were above average to end the season. Lloyd has potential. This LB crew should be as good as Paul/Norris if not better. 

      Secondary is the best in the south, and in the conversation with Washington to be the best in the PAC-12. And if your secondary is in the same realm as Washington, then your secondary is one of the best in the country. 

      We have the best kicker in the country. 

      We have the best punter in the country. 

      We just added Gary Andersen. 

      Troy Taylor is coming into his second season. 

      Our QB depth is better than we ever have. We have three QB’s that we could win 9+ games with. Huntley will be pushed by a QB with legit NFL potential…and right now Huntley is putting him in his place. 

      There is a reason why so many are so optimistic. For the first time ever, we are a legit PAC-12 team, from top to bottom, with PAC-12 players from 1-126. If our schedule was slightly easier (ie, we had Cal or OSU instead of Oregon or Stanford or Washington) we’d be the frontrunner for the south. 

      Our hard schedule is our achilles heal this year. And it isn’t as hard as it was last year. 

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        Thanks. You just made my morning.

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        You mentioned that Huntley is putting Tuttle in his place.  I really have not been able follow this spring at all.  Is there really that big of separation?  I imagine knowing the system with real game time experiecnce makes a huge difference.  I’m all for letting Tuttle learn the system and grow into his potential a little bit.

        Now if someone could get him (Huntley) to give up the ball a little sooner or call a straight up run play to take advantage of these RB’s.  I feel like Huntley could take a big step forward to lead the PAC 12.

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          Physically, ability to throw, spin, velocity, work ethic, Tuttle is a dream. 

          Mentally, he’s behind. He’s a freshman. 

          AND Huntley has stepped it up. He’s not coasting. He’s elevating. It’s great. 

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        Red Don
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        OK- I’m in!!

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        Pace Manyung
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        Image result for drinking the kool aid gif

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      The south looks ripe for the picking. CU is back to being CU, ASU is a freak show mess with Karl Malone Herm Edwards and his new cast of coordinators. Charlie Weiss Chip Kelly is a huge question mark and he’s not going to have the unilateral support of the UCLA administration like he did at Nike U. No one ever has, no one ever will. UCLA is going to be UCLA. USC will have a newbie QB, probably a true freshmen. USC will be very beatable next year. Arizona is going to be the biggest threat. I think Sumlin is a decent coach and Khalil Tate is one of the top players in the country. However, with Dawkins transferring they might thin behind Tate. If that’s the case, it will be interesting to see how Sumlin plays him, in other words, does he let him run all over the field?

      Beat the north and we’re in. Probably UW and we’ve played toe to toe with them the past two years. UW is building a national champion. They’ve taken their first step by pulling in their first recruiting class comprised of at least 10 blue chip players. It takes 4 consecutive classes like this to have the horses to win it all (aka, the Clemson model).

      The time to beat UW is now. Time to win it all is now. The window is wide open. Could turn out to only be a one year window. I’m all in for the 2018 season.

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        Personally 2019 looks to be set up for a special year.  Love, Browning and possibly Herbert & Tate will have moved on to the NFL. USC, UW, UCLA, UA, ASU, Oregon, and CU should all be young at QB while Utah should have a senior QB if Huntley sticks around.

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          If 2018 is as successful as I think it will be Utah will be rebuilding in 2019. 


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