Stating the obvious: BYU fanbase is the worst in the USA

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      Ute Fan

      They actually think players coming down with covid is funny. I sure as hell didn’t make fun of them when their game with Army got cancelled. I thought that sucked.

      I’m embarrased to share the same religion, state, and even the same planet with them.

      I’ll laugh when I see their fans wear their “Love One Another” shirts.


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      I should block all links to that cesspool. 

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        Ute Fan

        Yeah, so much for praying for your enemy or loving your neighbor.  The CougarBoard is out of control with hate towards the Utes.  I understand that we are their rivals, but I have not seen anything so mean spirited as this crap.


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      Ute Fan

      They made furlong the most down voted AP ballot ever because he didn’t rank BYU as high as they thought he should. They’re terrible.

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      Ute Fan

      I understand your frustration. What I would encourage is to not think that any fan base, nationality, religious, ethnic group, etc. thinks all the same thing. We are all individuals. We may like something similar, but it does not mean that we have the same opinion on all other things.

      Just as you think differently than the cougarboard commenter(s)–despite sharing the same religion, state, and even the same plant–there are many fans of BYU that do not share the same opinion as the commenter(s). So be frustrated with the commenter(s), but try not to project that onto everyone else that shares the same affinity for the team/school. 

      I fear that society is trending down a rabbit-hole of generalizations. We are all individuals; none of us are the same (despite sharing similar characteristics, whether immutable or not). It is obvious, but one wouldn’t know it by the general discourse in this country.  

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        Ute Fan

        but try not to project that onto everyone else that shares the same affinity for the team/school.

        You make good points, I shouldn’t be painting with the widest brush possible. My friends and family that are BYU fans have been really cool – they’ve had to deal with nine-in-a-row, and have been very gracious about it. Of course, I am not one to rub it in.

        One thing to keep in mind is that CougarBoard actually gets a ton of web traffic. (Seems I remember reading somewhere that it might be one of the top 20 sports sites by traffic nationwide – although I can’t remember where I read that – and no it wasn’t CougarBoard where I read that.) So their behavior, which like it or not, is very visible and people mistakenly judge Utah or members of the church based on them – which irritates the hell out of me, but I can’t change that.

        Stupid me. What the hell did I expect browsing CougarBoard. I need to take a shower.

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          Ute Fan

          I try to remind myself that 10% of every fanbase can be categorized as being total d-bags.  We have a fair amount in our own fanbase.  When it comes to BYU-P, I try to remember that that fanbase has been kicked in the gut continuously for the past 10 years (and then some).  I don’t feel bad for them, but it does help explain some of their behavior.  

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        Ute Fan

        its a line of thinking that definitely has to stop. Especially given sample size everyone and every opinion exists in every group. When it comes to fan bases, none are more “this” or “that” than any other. Its just your perception and what events stand out to you, often stemming from obvious biases.

        I hate the Lakers, and people often talk about how awful their fan base is. But there are simply more s**tty people in their fan base because of how many more people exist in their fan base. Its just simple math. 

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