The Poo Poo comment seems to be getting under the zoobs skin

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      Ute Fan

      So what do they do? make up a pooping story


      So a bizarre thing happened before the game last night.
      We usually park in the neighborhood east of the stadium and walk through a path that winds through people’s back yards to get to the stadium.

      As my brother is heading to the stadium, he hears a guy up ahead screaming angrily something to the affect of “what are you doing in my yard, get out of here.” As he gets closer, he sees the guy, who apologizes to him for yelling and then explains that he had walked outside his door and caught a fan dressed in red squatting down and pooping in his yard, who then took off when the guy came outside.

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      Ute Fan

      That’s why they’re PooPoo – they pull s**t out of thin air and pass it around on a plate to eat it up.

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      Ute Fan

      I thought Huntley was saying something childish to knock how uptight everyone is. Case in point. That board likes to make s**t up like inside jokes, but so much of it is taken seriously too. 

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        Ute Fan

        Its the sportfan version for the “faith promoting story”.  Totally invented and passed around cause somebody knew somebody who heard somebody saw something somewhere but it builds faith.  These stories serve to bolster their “faith” in the fact that their nemesis has the most awful fans in the world.  Sure they look ridiculous but any ridicule just serves the “Satan is agianst us” narrative.  They are like the Trump suppprters who he said would support him if he shot somebody on fifth avenue.  It is hopeless.


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