The “rivalry”

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      Ute Fan

      Been thinking about the Utah/BYU rivalry from a player’s perspective.  Consider this…

      You’re an 18-year-old kid coming out of California (or Texas, or Florida, etc.).  BYU hasn’t done anything of national relevance in your lifetime.  They don’t play in your division or your league…hell, they don’t play in any league.  The game literally means nothing in terms of conference titles, league standings, etc.   The two weeks before they play you, they played UMass and New Mexico State.  Because they weren’t ever on your radar growing up (and you don’t even really travel in the same football circles since you’ve been in Utah), you don’t really have any animosity towards their fans, players, or school.  They’re just some random religious school who everyone tells you is supposed to your “big rival” based on history, but that history means little as you’re trying to get prepared for the biggest game of your career in the P12 Conference Championship.

      While the game might mean more to the local kids, I’m guessing it’s no more or less important to the out-of-staters than a random game against NIU or Weber State.   It’s a game you’ll want to win – because you naturally want to win them all – but the whole “rivalry” aspect is likely to be lost on the majority of our players.

      On the flip side, this is BYU’s Super Bowl.  Winning this game would define their entire season.  They will absolutely be ready to play and jacked through the roof.

      My hope is that Utah comes out cool, calm, and collected and get their jobs done with no injury in preparation for the huge game the following week.  

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      Ute Fan

      For a freshman, I agree with your analysis. For anyone who has been in the program for at least a year, I disagree. After playing in this game just one time, they instantly get the rivalry. Huntley said as much after last year’s game.

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        Ute Fan

        I agree. These kids listen to the media. They hear constantly how Utah state and BYU and Utah have little separation. They know BYU’s doctrine and what the Book of Mormon teaches about them. They know when they are being treated normally and “tolerated”. 

        They know and they know really quick. Just go read cougarboard for 30 mins. Go read their discusssions on playing Hall just so they can say they’ve had a black QB. They are clueless. They are, hopefully ignorantly, offensive. 

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          Ute Fan

          They know BYU’s doctrine and what the Book of Mormon teaches about them.

          Psst, your bias is showing.

          I highly doubt any out of state, non-Mormon player would know – or care – about any of this.

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            Pace Manyung
            Ute Fan

            ^ This is accurate.

            As a non-mormon who grew up in Utah and moved away decades ago I can honestly say that vast universe of society (with no ties to mormons) have next to zero understand or interest in this “ holy war” rivalry. When attempting to describe what constitutes such passionate hatred between each tribe I typically witness a glazed look of boredom and non interest. It’s kind of like two middle school girls arguing over some nonsensical thing…. You really don’t care one way or another and would rather watch paint dry then to continue to hear such meaningless drama.

            I once thought the “holy war” was kinda like Mormons vs. non Mormons, but the reality it’s really about Mormons vs Mormons. (i.e. Trump supports vs. traditional republicans).


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