Third time’s the charm?

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      Jordan Wynn, Travis Wilson and Cam Rising seem so similar. All had tremendous talent and potential as QBs coming out of Southern California. They all seemed to bring the laid-back, quiet confidence you want in a team leader. All tall QBs with different but effective ways of winning. 

      We never got see Jordan or Travis reach their full potential though. Jordan had the career-ending injuries and Travis had all the offensive coaching staff instability. 

      Watching Cam dominate this year is going to be kind of cathartic. It was tough thinking about what could have been with Jordan and Travis. Here’s to hoping that Cam is the Southern Cali kid that actually gets to accomplish everything he’s capable of!


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      Actually I think Cam could be the love child of Wilson and Wynn. He is closer to Wilson in athleticism and durability but seems to have a football mind closer to Wynn.

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      Surround Cam with the same offensive talent and coaching Wynn and Wilson had to play with and I think at best we would see very little margin of improvement or results.

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