This game is important for a number of reasons

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    Keeping BYU in the rear view mirror is significant in that we continue to win the players we want in state.  We already have enough competition from SC and Stanford for our top players so no need to add to that.  If they sneak one on Saturday they’ll overhype it of course and start talking about being on our level, turning the corner, etc.  That causes us headaches that we don’t need in local recruiting.  We can get the players we need out of State but guys like Chase and Covey are crucial to keeping that chip on our shoulder against the bluebloods in our conference.  

    Also…it’s football, injuries happen but you can’t play worried about them.  9-3 looks a hell of a lot better than 8-4 and potentially 8-5 if we were to lose the Champ game.  Puts a different spin on it.  Say you lost the bowl game and came in at 8-6.  Not a whole lot of momentum coming out of an 8-6 season with a loss to s**tty TDS.  

    I understand your concern about injuries but they’re part of the game…by the way the entire team believes in Drew Lisk were something to happen.  He throws one of the best balls around, is highly intelligent and knows this offense inside and out.  He doesn’t run like the others but he would step up and play very well without question.  Play well, get a lead and sub when we can is the plan.

    I’d be lying to say the Champ game next week isn’t a big deal but so is Saturday night.  We’ll take their best shot, turn them back, pat their heads and send them on their way!!

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    Plus, 11-3 is a top 10, if not top 5 final ranking. 

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    ^^^ what Whitt said.

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    Well said. I totally agree. 

    Get out there and beat these guys. 

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    I agree.  It isn’t worth having this game on our schedule.

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    Take care of business, win, prep on Sunday, go to Santa Clara, win on Friday. Enjoy, prep for rose bowl, win, celebrate, reload for 2019. Simple enough. 

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      Pace Manyung
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      prep for superbowl beat the Rams, celebrate – think big

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        Rams? I think the Saints might have something to say about that.

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    Thanks very much for posting @OnlyU – Looking forward to wearing all my ski gear Saturday night and watching #8. 

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    Recruiting Tiers

    Tier 1-

    USC, UCLA, Washington, Stanford, and Oregon

    Tier 2- 

    Arizona, Arizona St, Utah, and Cal.

    Tier 3-

    Colorado, Oregon St, and Washington St (Leach has done a hell of a job, moving up)

    Tier 4- MWC-  USU, Boise, Fresno…..

    Then Brigham.

    After this season none of their players should be sniffing a roster spot at Utah.

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    If what you’re saying is true then you had best spank their bare asses on national television instead of popcorn farting a one point nail biter. Go on ahead and just beat the ever lovin’ f**k outta them. M’kay?

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    I am not going to lie to my fellow Ute fans but i was opposed earlier in the week to playing our key team members due to the potential for all the factors discussed this week, but my HEART has changed and i want the team come out and destroy the TDS and will take care of their fans. I want nothing more than a VICTORY Saturday to make it a sweet 8.
    8 is great but lets go for 9 in 2019.
    Let’s finish this year off right this and next weekend and start 2019 at the Rose Bowl!


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