This is a very good Utah defense

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    And we heard plenty of times about the offense getting them on their heels in camp and having their way. There is another level for this offense if we can clean up the execution. Hopefully by the time we hit the stanford-UW stretch 

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    We’ll see how good this defense really is in the next couple of weeks. We have yet to play a meaningfully good offense. I do know that Love/Gaither combo of SJSU had some success, as did the UND qb/WR combo — at times. Should be interesting.

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      That reminds me, did Jaylon Johnson play much in the SJSU game? Was he injured? I saw him on only one play for certain (although, I wasn’t specifically watching for him). He seemed conspiciously absent to me, but maybe the throws just weren’t going his way.

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      Not going to see Chase Hansen this week from what I heard, so that’s going to hurt.

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        Oof. That does hurt. I hope Jaylon is back. Still not sure why he only played one or two snaps this week.

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          I see him on the depth chart. Wondering how accurate the info I got on him is. 


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