Thoughts on Lisk being the backup QB

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      We heard from OnlyU that this was happening.  I admit that I am very surprised.


      If Huntley is down a game or two, will it be Lisk or Shelley?


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      Not extremely surprised. If you’ve watched him much in spring ball, you’d know he’s pretty good. Shelly probably has more athletic and running ability. But I’ve been impressed with Lisk over the last couple years with my limited exposure. He has a good arm and makes good reads. I think it’ll be really interesting to see what the QB competition looks like next spring with Lisk as a senior, Rising as the touted recruit, and Shelley as the experienced backup.

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      KW talked about it in the post-game. Said Lisk earned the back up spot based on performance during the week and that nobody gets a free pass based on past experience. The rule is perform well to play and the expectation is always to compete for your spot.
      Coach also said Lisk has become an excellent QB.

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        Sounds like Shelley dogged it in practice so he had to learn a lesson.

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      Pretty much anybody could take 4 snaps and hand the ball off every time. I’d say it’s a big nothing-burger.

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        Exactly. Lisk may be be the clean-up time backup. But he ain’t the real backup.

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      Maybe there putting in some plays for Shelly to be non qb at the start of the play– wide out h back.


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