Torrent of the CCG!

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      Ute Fan

      I’m a little late to the party, but I was out of town…

      I have the Championship game uploaded and ready to share!  There’s still the 2 audio streams, too!

      I’ve had a few people ask how I watch the games.  If I’m at my computer I’ll use VLC to watch them, or on any other device I’ll use Plex.  You just need a video player that lets you choose which audio stream to listen to.  The default Microsoft player puts them both together and it sounds horrible!  Please message me with any questions about this!



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      Ute Fan

      Thanks, now I just need someone to help me set up my Raspberry Pi4 as a Plex Server. It won’t allow a user to access the external HD. And I failed about a year ago to change the properties. I’m pretty tech savvy but not a Linux guru. Or Python. What happened to my younger days with a TRS-80 (and a cassette tape) and then Windows 3.11? LOL

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      Ute Fan

      Thank you, Sir! I’ve been waiting for this torrent and am going to re-watch the entire game no less than 20 times over the next 3 weeks. 😀

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