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        Ute Fan

        Tyler Huntley has had a rough time versus ASU.

        2017 – 19/35, 155 yds, 0 TD 4 INT, 11.6 QBR

        2018 – 7/15, 88 yds, 1 TD 2 INT, 46.3 QBR (injured in the 3rd quarter)

        For some reason, Tyler has played extraordinarily bad against ASU.  Add in the frustration he must feel from sustaining his season-ending injury last year against them, I hope he is mentally ready for this game.  We need him to be the Tyler we have seen for the first 6 games this year.

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        Ute Fan

        As Jaylen Daniels is, Tyler once was, as Tyler Huntley is, Daniels may become. 

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          Daniels is very small and skinny looking.

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            Ute Fan

            Every week I expect to hear he has been hurt.  Looks way to small and skinny for the way he plays.

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              Ute Fan

              Daniels scored 24 points against Cal. Utah’s defense is very similar to Cals. Except I would argue our dline is better. 

              Cal lost their QB in that game as well. Injuries are part of the game but Cal probably wins @Oregon and against ASU if he was healthy. 

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                Ute Fan

                Daniels was 14-24 174 plus 84 rushing yards, no TDs in that game
                Benjamin had 100 yards and 3 touchdowns.
                Aiyuk had 2 catches for 30 yards.

                Garbers was 9-12 for 117 and 1 td before he was hurt, Modster was 5/14 for 23 yards. Cal’s offense could not control the ball and keep ASU’s offense off the field after Garbers went out.

                Stop Benjamin, limit Aiyuk, don’t let Daniels scramble and on offense make 1st downs and run the clock.

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        Ute Fan

        2017 – Rushed back into action before he was ready post injury in an effort to salvage the season.

        2018 – 60 yard TD turns into a pick off Dixons facemask,  Then the int in the endzone when Nacua was shoved to the ground by the db on a fade.

        Moving along, nothing to see here.


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        Ute Fan

        I think that 2 years ago, Huntley was playing his first game after an injury.

        Last year, prior to the injury – Huntley had a number of key dropped passes.  The entire team played poorly last year; I am not sure why.

        This is a totally different Tyler Huntley and a different team.  ASU is young and inexperienced.  We have a great senior QB with talent and poise.  It will be a different outcome this week.

        ASU’s defense will try to mix us up with tons off blitzes and weird looks.  We will have to adjust and take advantage of their risk-taking defense.


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