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      Ute Fan

      I work with a Washington Alum, who grew up in Washington near Seattle . Every time we talk, he says, and I quote: “It’s going to be tough for Utah to win this game…Washington is just too good defensively!” .


      I just respond quietly that it should be a good game .


      Also, I have a neighbor who is primarily a TDS fan, secondarily a U-Dub fan (also grew up near Seattle). What am awful combination . He was wearing a Huskies tie in church on Sunday after Utah beat TDS for the 8th straight game. How sweet would it be to beat both teams back to back!!  


      Hoping the Utes win and get to the Rose Bowl so I can rub it in these c**ky U-Dub fans faces .

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      Ute Fan

      LOL, this is exactly how Utah fans talk to BYU fans now. Just saying.

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        Ute Fan

        Fair, but there is a far bigger gap between Utah and TDS than between Utah and ANYONE in the Pac12 (IMO). 


        And, what has Washington done this year that is substantially different or better than Utah to make their fans think this is a gimme win for them?  

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          Ute Fan

          They beat us by 2 scores and shut our offense down. We are better now (I think), but UW beat us soundly. Though most of the games are hard fought and close, UW generally pulls it out. It is up to our Utes to pull out a victory and change the narrative, but all the ‘we play them so close, and there isn’t a gap.’ stuff sounds exactly like what we complain about with the Y fans. 

          I think we can beat UW, and I really want us to, but what they have done is own us for many years. I can see them being overconfident like we are when we play BYU. I just hope they aren’t right and it comes back to bite them.

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      Ute Fan

      They have pretty good reason to be c**ky. They’ve pretty well owned the Utes. Further, Petersen has owned – like, f**king OWNED – Whitt over the years.

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        Pace Manyung
        Ute Fan

        Is the word “c**ky” a bad word in the land of zion? Why are all the related posts using c**ky?


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          Ute Fan

          Hazarding a guess, it’s probably not a Mormon thing and more of an overzealous filter that can’t diffentiate c**ky from c**k (penis) and c**k (rooster) thing.

          Dues this block c**katrice?

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      It is going to be tough. Who thinks championship games are easy?

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      Ute Fan

      This is the game Whitt will get the Peterson mojo exorcised, we finally got the November slump off our backs. I feel this game is personal for Whitt and the way Washington abused Covey. The Utes will win where is Michael the arcangle?

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