UCLA knocks-off Alabama

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        Ute Fan

        Another Pac-12 team to the Elite 8.   Oregon and USC also vying for a spot to make it 3 of the final 8 for the Pac-12.

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        Ute Fan

        Total screw job. Watching USC and Oregon and they would beat most teams left and are Final 4 worthy.

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          Ute Fan

          Luck of the draw. It’s too bad they ended up in the same bracket. Still, 3/8 of the final teams is pretty awesome for our conference.

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            Ute Fan

            Read an article a couple days ago that said it was BYU’s fault for not playing on Sunday and subsequent scheduling fallout. Lol

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              Ute Fan

              “It’s all BYU’s fault,” Lunardi quipped. “It’s an unusual circumstance that BYU brings to the bracketing. This wasn’t the first time.”


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                Ute Fan

                Wow, that’s convoluted.  What I don’t get is their confidence in saying any 6-seed is better than any other 6-seed.   The margin of error of their ranking system is much higher than that, as evidenced by the frequncy of 9s beating 8s and other frequent upsets in the first two rounds.  That said, Syracuse did end up having a pretty good run so maybe ‘cuse would have knocked out USC as they did SDSU ( though mainly SDSU was highly overrated).

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              Ute Fan

              What makes it even better is that with the different schedule, the committe placed BYU in a bracket where they would have been scheduled to play on Sunday in the Sweet 16 if they had made it. After the committee realized their mistake, they announced a plan to swap teh second region schedules of two of the regions (I can’t remember which two) so that BYU wouldn’t have to play on Sunday.

              The committee focused on eliminating a potential fourth matchup between BYU and Gonzaga, but completely whiffed on the Sunday play issue and contributed to the Ducks and Trojans having to play in the third round.

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                Ute Fan

                Anyone remember when 10 seed BYU played 7 seed LSU in the first round (partly because the committee was trying to figure out what exact places in the bracket they could put the Cougars and avoid a potential Sunday date)? 

                Shaq ended up breaking Shawn Bradley’s tourney record for blocked shots in a game.



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