Urban Meyer says 2004 his favorite year.

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      Why do I get the feeling Whitt is going to retire and Urban is going to take over after that? 🙂

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        Natti here we come choo choo!!

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        I have the same feeling.

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        Wouldn’t that be awesome, Tony.

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        I joke about this happening a lot, but it actually makes sense in a lot of ways. Urban has coached at some of the nation’s premier schools, won multiple national championships, and has had unprecendented amounts of success. If he came back to Utah and was able to get to the CFP, or win a title, he would be cemented as the greatest college football coach of all time. It’s one thing to win a title somewhere with top 10 recruiting classes, it’s a whole other thing to win a title at a place like Utah (a good, respectable program but doesn’t consistently land elite athletes).

        He is revered at Utah, and could coach here with with relatively little stress. The expectations at Utah are much lower than they are at places like tOSU, Florida, and USC.  If his health problems are in any way exacerbated by stress, but wants to coach again, it makes sense he would look at a place like Utah where it is a less stressful coaching environment.

        It’s a far-fetched dream at this point, but stranger things have happened.


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          Well, if he did come here, he’d probably have a top 20 recruiting class in his first full cycle. But I doubt this whole theory.

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          He wouldn’t even have to be the head coach. Utah should hire him as their recruiting director/coaching advisor/assistant HC. Allow him to be involved with getting kids to Utah, and help gameplan… No stress, enjoy all the benefits and if they win a NC he’s apart of it.

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        Central Coast Ute
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        I dream about this but I can’t get my Hope’s up.

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        Oh sweet baby jesus let this be true

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          You sure you want that?  Because Meyer would embarrass your indy-WACey alma mater even worse than Whittingham annually does.

          I’d have thought you’d have preferred seeing Gary Crowton replacing Kyle.

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        One can deam…


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