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      Only thing I hate about being successful is our continuity with our coaching staff will be shaken up again.. Whit, Scalley and Ludwig will be hot items .. Scalley, my guess will be the most likely one to leave. Hopefully they all stay; grass ain’t always greener. U of U is probably the most loyal to their people IMO. if Utes win the pac 12 championship; I wonder if whit decides to retire .

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        Ludwig is making good money and enjoys living in Utah. I don’t see him moving after one season.

        Top priority needs to be getting Scalley an extension with pay similar to Ludwig’s and possibly a “HC-in-waiting” type of agreement.

        Harlan seems open to paying our assistants competitively, hope he can get it done and keep the gang together.

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          Scalley’s pay is very similar to Ludwig’s. I’d love to get him an extension, but don’t know if that’ll happen. Only way we keep him if is he knows Witt is only staying around a couple more years, at most, and he’s next in line.

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        Scalley and Ludwig make the same amount only Ludwig currently has an extra year and different bonus structure. Utah would be stupid not to extend Scalley for another 3+ seasons.


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