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      Ute Fan

      It’s been interesting to see the impact of a home run hire for SC.  I have to think that what he could bring from OU and the portal had to be a huge part of the reason to go with Lincoln Riley and he hasn’t disappointed.  

      What also comes with all of the hype and the 13 transfers etc is some pressure and unreal expectations.  The video Williams made to announce his signing had a few signals to me that SC could be a place of excellence or just a place full of massive distractions.  It will be interesting to see how LR handles that side of the business of SC.

      In my opinion the road to win the South still should run thru SLC.  They may have the history of being a storied program but it’s quickly becoming ancient history.  For the past several years we have dominated the South.  We have been to the CCG 3 of the last 4 years.  We may not have the 5 stars that they do (yet!) but what has that gotten them the last several years – basically nothing.  

      The recent facts are Utah puts players in the leauge at the same clip as Oregon, UW and SC.  There is no drop off between these giants. 

      I’m confident that until they come in here and punch us in the mouth – this is our time, our division and nothing else matters.  Let them have all the hype – we can have the rest. 

      Looking forward to seeing the men of troy in RES – should be a doozy 

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      Northendzone Ute5
      Ute Fan

      I’m sure that there are members on this site that understands the transfer portal and how it affect available scholarships better than I do. It seems to the Utah strategy with the portal is to fill gaps on your roster and recruiting is the foundation of the roster. 13 transfers seem to be a lot to me. I would think a majority of these players need make an immediate impact. If not, this could hurt USC down the road. It will be interesting to see how good USC is next year.

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      Ute Fan

      The hysteric expectations USC has on them now are great for Utah. LR needs to win and anything short of a P12 championship and CFP selection right away is considefed a failure. Nothing better for Utah with all the hype on USC by the media and their fan base. Transfer portal is a double edge sword as Utah experienced first hand. Let USC carry all the hype right into RES. Utes just need do what they do and take care of business week to week. Looking forward to Spring Ball and seeing how the new guys fit in with the solid culture and foundation of high performing returning players Utah continues to build. It’s only good for Utah that USC is good and nationally hyped up. Go Utes!

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        Ute Fan

        Yes and no. Yes, I think the hype surrounding USC could play to Utah’s benefit in a variety of ways. However, I don’t believe that a PAC-12 championship and CFP berth right away are needed for USC to be considered on the right track. I’d say a 9 win season are the expectations for SC right now. Riley has to flip an entire culture of underachievement around, and that doesn’t happen in 1 season. Then again, it is LA so the amount of bandwagon fans clamoring for a championship right away probably is going to be high. 

        Either way, I agree with your enthusiasm for spring ball and think having a clash of the titans in the south with USC helps us tremendously! 

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